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Implant dentar | Cabinet stomatologic Dr. Crăciun Mariana Constantina



Implantology  is one of the most innovative advances in dentistry, a modern method of treatment in the missing teeth.

Dental implant surgery is the introduction of a new tooth as a dental arch with titanium parts. Implant placement occurs after the tooth extraction site has healed or immediately after extraction, by a simple surgery. After healing of the bone occurs, the implant is attached to another metal part called abutment, above which the doctor can place crowns, bridges or dentures to replace the tooth or teeth.

Surgical procedure takes place in two stages:

  1. The introduction of a titanium implant into the bone over a period of time so that the implant will be integrated into the bone structure.
  2. Discovery of prosthetic implant and attaching the final work.

Advantages over conventional prosthetic devices:

  • The implant is much more comfortable.
  • Aesthetically, the tooth and gum is very similar to natural tooth.
  • No neighboring teeth are affected during or even after prosthetic work.
  • The implant replaces the tooth root, which helps keep the bone optimally aesthetic and functional.

Treatment with dental implants is the only alternative for patients forced to wear dentures.