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Odontoterapie | Cabinet stomatologic Dr. Crăciun Mariana Constantina

Odontology Therapy


Dental decay is an infectious nature lesion that destroys the tooth’s hard tissues. In the early stages,dental decay can be seen only by your dentist. Hence, it is important for regular inspections by dental surgeon, in order to capture the illness in its early stages. If the decay is spotted early,treatment is simple, less expensive and requires fewer sessions. The problem is initially manifested as a simple brown discoloration of the tooth. Subsequently, there is a cavity, which may continue to grow. If the process progresses, inflammation occurs in the dental pulp (“nerve”), which leads to the necessity of its removal and root canal filling (“kill the nerve”).   Treatment of decay as follows: – remove all affected dental tissues – protection of healthy tissues, using materials that insulate the tooth from temperature variations – reconstruction of the tooth (filling), using materials that provide equally strength, functionality and aesthetics. • The entire treatment is performed under local anesthesia to prevent discomfort.