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Chirurgie orala | Cabinet stomatologic Dr. Crăciun Mariana Constantina

Oral Surgery

chirurgie Oral surgery includes a number of minor surgical procedures. These procedures can be necessary for any of thefollowing: extraction of the buried root residue remaining after extraction, treatment of partially or fully erupted wisdom tooth, and interventions needed to save teeth with root infection (granulomas, cysts root) that would otherwise be extracted.

Wisdom teeth (in Figure 1-2) most often do not resemble the growth patterns of other teeth and are very difficult to treat. As a result, it may be necessary to extract via surgery. Wisdom teeth should be removed only when they cause various problems (crowding of front teeth, pain at rash) and can not be treated.

Our office works with a specialist in Buco-Maxillofacial and Implantology surgery giving you the following treatments:

  • dental extractions
  • odontectomy
  • cystectomies
  • premolarization
  • apical resections
  • periodontal surgery (periodontal curettage, flap surgery, bone additions)
  • dental implants
  • prosthetic implants