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Protetica | Cabinet stomatologic Dr. Crăciun Mariana Constantina


protetica_0Dental Prosthetics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the restoration and maintenance of oral function, the appearance and health of the patient as a way of restoring natural teeth and /or the substitution of missing teeth and adjacent oral tissues with artificial substitutes.

Dental Prosthetics is structured as follows:

  • Fixed prosthetic is that part of dental prosthetics  dealing with restoration and / or replacement of teeth with artificial elements that can not be mobilized;
  • Deployable dental prosthetics is that part of dental prosthetics dealing with the replacement of teeth by means that can bemobilized for sanitation;
  • Partial dentures is that part of dental  prosthesis that replaces missing teeth, binding them to the remaining teeth through avariety of mounting options and can be removed by the patient;
  • Prosthesis (fixed or mobile) on implant prosthetics is related to dealing with prosthetic implant restoration.

Treatment planning, obtaining informed consent of the patient, is a fundamental point for successful dental treatment. Before any treatment, prosthetic diagnosis and treatment planning is necessary.

It is important to note that the results will be influenced by oral hygiene, plaque control, periodic checks and positive patient acceptance, treatment plan as well as the physiological response to treatment.